metone代理,ES-808 SCAMP System Contamination and Meteorological Platform


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ES-808 SCAMP System Contamination and Meteorological Platform

Introducing the ES-808 SCAMP (System Contamination and Meteorological Platform) from Met One Instruments, Inc.

Met One Instruments, Inc. Powered by Acoem is a global leader in Ambient Air Quality and Meteorological instrumentation.? We recognize the critical need to provide scientific measurement tools for direct use in support of prescribed burning and forestland fuels reduction.? Typical objectives of prescribed burning include reducing fire risk of large-scale wildfires, improving rangeland health, minimizing damage from insects, and promoting improvements to fish and wildlife habitat, to name just a few.? The ES-808 SCAMP provides critical weather and air quality data to assist forestry management burn teams in modelling weather patterns for designated burn units.? These weather pattern models are used to create effective burn plans to execute the fuel-reduction projects efficiently and effectively.? This will reduce the smoke impact to local populations and help eliminate the fuels that contribute to the catastrophic wildfires experienced every year around the world.? The health and safety of our communities and firefighters are also improved greatly by being proactive, rather than reactive, and the ES-808 SCAMP is specifically designed to help forestry management organizations achieve these goals.

We partnered with experts in the wildland firefighting community to develop a revolutionary new tool to support prescribed burning and fuels reduction/mitigation. The Met One ACOEM ES-808 System Contamination and Meteorological Platform (SCAMP) is a game-changer in environmental monitoring for fire-affected regions.

Instead of relying on large, heavy, cumbersome measurement systems that are often not strategically located in the area of interest, firefighting professionals now have a superior, compact solution.