MSC Medium, VM-hMSC,VISTECH 血清代理

VM-hMSC, Xeno-free Mesenchymal Stem Cell Medium (Xeno-free MSC Medium)

Catalog Number: VM-hMSC-I, VM-hMSC-II


Product Description:
Vistech??MSC medium is a serum-free, xeno –free medium formulation developed for the growth and expansion of human mesenchymal stem cells after being isolated from a variety of sources ( ie bone marrow, fetal liver ,adipose tissue and umbilical cord tissue; BM-hMSC. AT-hMSC, UCT-hMSC). The medium is manufactured in a rigorously controlled GMP grade manufacturing facility.

Vistech?MSC培养基是一种无血清、无异种培养基配方,用于从多种来源(即骨髓、胎儿肝脏、脂肪组织和脐带组织)分离出来的人间充质干细胞的生长和扩增;BM-hMSC。AT-hMSC UCT-hMSC)。该介质在严格控制的GMP级生产设施中制造。


·?????????Serum free, xeno free. All components are defined and from non-xenogenic origin including proteins

·?????????Enables culture of hMSC from different sources

·?????????Supports long term growth of hMSC retaining the fibroblast like cell culture

·?????????No background differentiation

·?????????Maintains hMSC self-renewal and multi-lineage differentiation potential ( eg osteocytes, adipocytes and chondrocytes)

·?????????No adaptation is required for the transition from serum-containing medium to Vistech MSC medium.

Contents & storage

500ml Xeno-free MSC Basal Medium: Storage at 4°C

25ml Xeno-free MSC Supplement: Storage at -20°C

500ml无xeno MSC基础培养基:储存在4°C

25ml无xeno MSC补充:储存在-20°C



  • MSC Medium, VM-hMSC

    CCS27 Supplement(RA+), VB27(+)

  • MSC Medium, VM-hMSC

    CCS27 Supplement(RA-), VB27(-)

  • MSC Medium, VM-hMSC

    DMEM High Glucose with L-Glutamine, with Sodium Pyruvate, VM-1101BM

  • MSC Medium, VM-hMSC

    DMEM High Glucose with L-Glutamine, without Sodium Pyruvate, VM-1102BM

  • MSC Medium, VM-hMSC

    RPMI 1640 Medium, with L-Glutamine, VM-2101BM

  • MSC Medium, VM-hMSC

    RPMI 1640 Medium, without L-Glutamine, without Phenol red, VM-2102BM

  • MSC Medium, VM-hMSC

    DMEM F12, without L-Glutamine, without HEPES, VM-3101BM

  • MSC Medium, VM-hMSC

    DPBS, without Calcium, without Magnesium, VM-DPBS

  • MSC Medium, VM-hMSC

    PBS, without Calcium, without Magnesium, VM-PBS

  • MSC Medium, VM-hMSC

    mLIF Protein, VF-mLIF

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